The focus is on all the useless items, now devoid of their original function, which is returned to them or completely transformed, as in the case of a four door cabinet which was recovered from refuse and transformed into a giant picture frame.  One of the original supports of the former cabinet was left in place and it still works as a support, but on a different plane.



low armchair

former three legged wicker armchair recovered to “reuse” as a comfortable low armchair by the “no use” of the legs left and the transformation of the original volumes

yellow pages “archair”

former wicker chair covered with a mixture of yellow pages, the volumes of which have been modified to form the structure of the arms in an arch shaping, as well as the four sides of the legs and the lower support

Adriano small throne

small bamboo chair recovered in the backyard after having served two generations of children, born in ’71 and ’85, completely transformed, filled and carved, it then became Adrian’s throne, born in ’98, ready to cross generations...